Hi Everyone! 

We are BalmGirls, a small business ran by two sisters, Jacki and Jerrica. We started in 2016 after learning how to make lip balms in a compounding course. At our first farmers market in 2016 we had about 4 different lip balm flavours. We continued to develop new scents for our lip balms and come out with our aromatherapy balms and bug bite balms. After completing our first year of summer markets we decided to continue to expand. In the winter of 2016 we came out with our first body butter, since then we have reformulated our body butter to make it our best yet! We are continuing to grow and expand on all our products. 
At BalmGirls we make everything handmade in small batches. Each product is carefully crafted using as many natural ingredients as we can. Some products contain fragrance oil, in small amounts, just because some scents are amazing and just can't be recreated without it. But we also use phthalate free, paraben free and formeldhyde free fragrance oils.