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Ingredient Spotlight: Baobab

Hydrolyzed baobab is extracted from the seed of the Adansonia digitata, known as the upside down tree in Africa.

Baobab is an all natural replacement for silicone in hair care products. Silicone can add shine, gloss and tame frizz but at what cost? Because silicone is a plastic, it coats the hair and does not allow for moisture to enter. It actually acts like a magnet for dirt and other chemicals, this causes a huge amount of build up which is hard to remove and will weigh down your hair. With the force needed to remove the silicone and build up from the hair it ends up causing more damage and frizz over the long term.

That is where baobab protein comes into play! It adds shine and helps to reduce frizz, without causing any build up. Plus it helps to nourish your hair. 

You can find this super star ingredient in both our shampoo and conditioner bars!


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