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Welcome to BalmGirls

Hello Everyone!

We would just like to introduce ourselves: I am the older sister Jacki and Jerrica is my younger sister. And together we are BalmGirls!

We created BalmGirls in 2016, after I came home from school for the weekend, and taught Jerrica how to make lip balms. I learnt how to make lip balms while I was at college to become a pharmacy technician. We started out with just lip balms. Soon we wanted to get more creative and expand out product line. Today we have an ever evolving product line from: body butters and body scrubs, bath bombs and bubble bars to shampoo and conditioner bars.

We are always working on evolving our products through lots of research and attending workshops put on from other industry professionals! We have carefully selected all of our ingredients in our products and do not use any: parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Each product that we have created has been formulated specially with our customers in mind and each product is tested for the ph level to ensure the perfect ph for our skin or hair.


We are looking forward to continuing to grow BalmGirls and get to you better!

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