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Ingredient Spotlight: Quinoa

Quinoa has made a huge splash in the food industry over the past 10 years and it become more popular in the hair care world, for a good reason. Quinoa contains 17 amino acids including all of the 8 essential amino acids. We know that amino acids are an essential part of proteins complex, and helps to give cells their structure. This also applies to the structure of our hair.

Hydrolyzed quinoa at 1% dilution, can make a huge difference in the apperance fo your hair!

Used at 1% in hair care it can:

Increase colour retention by 4-23%

Reduce the fade of colour by 20% after 10 washes

Reduce the force needed with combing by 79-83% after 5 uses

Increase shine by 26% after just one use and by 51% after 5 uses

Reduce damage in hair by 16% after 1 use and by 32% after 5 uses


Because of these amazing statistics we have decided to use it in both our shampoo and conditioner bars! We will also be adding it to our Deep Conditioner!


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